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Saturday, February 28, 2009

You know you're out when...

So, you've just gotten out and you're not sure if it's real? Here's a few things to help remind you that you're actually OUT:
  • You call your boss Mike, his boss Susan, and her boss Bob.
  • You can walk to the right side of Mike, Larry, and Bob without violating some medieval concept of courtesy.
  • Kiwi regains the meaning "a flightless bird native to New Zealand".
  • You're now making full use of both arms for carrying items, and (once you realized that you don't wear one anymore) save loads of time not looking for your hat.
  • One look at your new paycheck and you now know why they called it the L.E.S.
  • Forget to shave? Just tell 'em you're starting your beard that day! Haircut? Ha!
  • You have finally worked "Yes Sir," "Yes Ma'am," "Chief," and "F%@K this" out of your daily vocabulary (well, maybe not the last one).
  • Business lunches, golfing, and season tickets are considered an essential part of work.
  • The ability to ride a bike for eight minutes and keep your body fat below 24% is not confused with intelligence, leadership potential, or degree of motivation.
  • You have determined that white T-shirts are not required undergarments in the real world.
  • You can fly to New Zealand to see those small flightless birds without having to get permission and a bunch of signatures on a leave form
  • You can't remember the last time the shoes you wear to work were shined.
  • The office is empty at 5:00 PM.
  • There are no guards at the entrance to your office.
  • All the years of learning how to crease your sleeves and pants were wasted
  • People look at you real funny if your black work shoes are so shiny that you can see yourself in them.
  • The smell of diesel fuel is now a bad thing and a call to 911 is actually rewarded.
  • You receive no harassment from people with nothing better to do than worry if your coat is zipped.
  • You can sleep soundly knowing that you actually have to do something illegal by US law to get punished.
  • No one truly outranks you anymore; you are not considered to be a second class citizen in your office building!
  • What the hell is a square knot again?
  • You won't have to take vacation time on days you're not scheduled to work.
  • 7:30 is when your alarm is set, not when you need to be at work.
  • You find out that ASAP implies some future deadline, not an overdue one.
  • You realize that the military did not invent ineptitude, they only took a concept and perfected it.
  • You can tell your boss "I QUIT!!"
  • If you show up late for work (first offense) because you went out boozing, you don't get thrown into an alcohol rehab center. Second offense? The boss gets pissed because he/she wasn't invited.
  • You don't get fired for oversleeping 1 hour, 1 time, because you forgot to set the alarm clock.
  • You have to whip out a calculator to figure out miltary time
  • You can go home from work...even if your desk is dirty.
  • People get paid to clean the office for you
  • A midnight snack isn't a hot dog or stale crackers (unless, of course, you want it to be)
  • You can call in sick from from work and you aren't required to visit the hospital to prove it
  • "Field Day" is something you do at a park, with games and fun activities
  • You don't repaint the entire house, replace your appliances, and refinish your hardwood floors just because your in-laws are visiting.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

She's gone :( Boohoo

So your wife left you (for no apparent reason) and you're stuck with the kid? Not a problem! Just bring the kid to work and let the Navy be your babysitter! Give your kid to the division officer or chief and have him (or her) watch the kid for an hour or two. Call it payback for not letting you have some time off to get your life back together! You should be out of the Navy in no time! They call it a "hardship" discharge! (Although I am confused as to why it's a hardship to get out of that cursed place) Give it a try! I heard it works...some of the time.